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Equine and Canine Osteopathy
Jonathan is currently studying a diploma in equine and canine osteopathy. He is looking to expand his services to our four legged friends. Watch this space…
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COVID SELF CARE Early Action for Faster Recovery
No Virus in the community – Boost Your Natural Immunity By: Having daily hot lemon, ginger & honey drinks. Maintain a healthy diet. Reduce toxins. Reduce Alcohol and sugary drinks. Reduce processed foods. Stay well hydrated. Consider bone broths, slear soups, green tea and fresh vegetable juices. Sleep 8 hours of sleep each night, practice things like [...]
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Summer is here!
How many times do you feel the need to quench your thirst when hot or not? When drinking water, does it feel like the best thirst quenching drink ever?  Well those points indicate that you are probably dehydrated and that the body is needing water to become hydrated so that it can function optimally. Indications […]
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